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Point-of-Sale and Packaging

Do you want your brand to excel on the retail floor? We make your point-of-sale equipment, displays and packaging come to life

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Create a distinctive shopping experience with EMP

At EMP Brandkeepers, we believe it’s essential to give shoppers a unique retail experience. We take your ideas and specifications, and translate them into eye-catching proposals that really make your brand stand out.

From concept to final product, our goal is to bring out the best in your brand and instantaneously grab the attention of potential customers.

Benefits of POS and Packaging by EMP Brandkeepers

Unsurpassed customer journey - full of expertise

At EMP Brandkeepers, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in working with different materials such as cardboard, metal and wood. We know how to get the most of these materials to make your brand truly stand out.

Extensive network - our connections

Thanks to our extensive network of leading national and international sustainable suppliers, we always find the best solutions to maximise the exposure of your brand and products. We carefully select suppliers who meet our high quality standards.

In-house studio - all you need

Our in-house studio is home to limitless creativity and innovation. Here, your ideas are worked out and translated into 2D and 3D designs. With our expertise and advanced technology, we bring your Point of Sale to life and show you what it will look like well before it goes into production.

Our approach - empower your brand

We create a 3D digital sketch of the Point-of-Sale material in our in-house design studio, so you have a detailed preview of what the final product will look like. To make sure the material meets all your requirements, we make a blank or a printed prototype. This gives you the chance to look, touch and test the Point-of-Sale material.

After you give your approval, we’ll send you the technical drawing as a template so you can have the design worked out. You can also let our expert team take care of it for you, saving you valuable time, hassles and trouble. Moreover, the short lines of communication between you and our studio ensure a smooth and efficient cooperation.

EMP Brandkeepers POS en packaging

Personalised approach

Every brand is unique and deserves a dedicated approach. That’s why we believe in always giving personal attention, expert advice and professional guidance. With us, you have one point of contact: a creative specialist who supports you all the way.

From the very first concept through to the final logistics, we take care of everything so you can concentrate on the success of your brand. Choose the best POS materials, displays and packaging and enhance your experience with EMP Brandkeepers.


We strive to create unforgettable shopping experiences, from concept to finished product. Read through our case studies and discover how we have created unique solutions and achieved successes together with our customers.

View the final results of just some of the products our team have helped to stand out in the crowd.

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