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EMP Brandkeepers is your go-to chain director for offline communications. We bring communication tools fully to life.

Elevate your brand

In a world dominated by digital communication, we believe in the power of offline communication. We believe that media you can actually feel, such as print, packaging and promotional materials, leave a lasting impression and truly value to the digital experience of our time. At EMP Brandkeepers, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with organising and delivering offline communications. Together, we’re building something unique. We set the bar even higher and deliver solutions that unburden your marketing and procurement teams.

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Print management is our all-in-one approach to managing and optimising all your printing processes, including procurement, production, logistics and design. With our expertise and dedication, we take the complexity of print off your hands and streamline your printing processes.

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Whom we work with

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“They took care of absolutely everything from the moment of specification to the moment of delivery. I also really like the knowledge we now have in house and the open communication lines. EMP is problem-solving; nothing is too much trouble or too difficult.”

Sandra Hoepel
Senior Buyer, Keune
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“In my experience, the cooperation is extremely pleasant. Firstly, they are very proactive and ahead of the curve. Nothing goes unnoticed. Robert is also a really nice person to work with, and he’ll even get the impossible done.”

Lindsay Kievits
Marketeer, Zelfstroom
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“By taking work off our hands, as they are project managers of all postal items. We simply ask and EMP Brandkeepers takes care of the rest. We don’t always have the knowledge in-house, but we do now thanks to EMP Brandkeepers.”

Aline van Rossum
Campaign Lead, De Wijnbeurs
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About EMP Brandkeepers

At EMP Brandkeepers, we are firm believers in building lasting relationships and our absolute priority is customer satisfaction. We’re your most reliable print management partner and are proud of the long-term partnerships we have established over the years.

Based on our extensive experience in the printing industry, we are experts in organising offline communication, from consultancy and procurement to logistics and the final product.

How we roll

Step 1: Procurement

At EMP Brandkeepers, we take care of the entire procurement process for print materials to bring your message to life. A carefully designed procurement scan helps us analyse your total printing volume. This gives you insight into the potential savings and process improvements.

Step 2: Advice

Our consultants provide you with expert advice and support to bring your offline communication tools to life. Your expectations are our guideline. From the most creative ideas to the smallest details, we take care of it all.

Step 3: Support

You have one dedicated contact person: the perfect partner who supports your marketing and procurement department. Our team is here to streamline your printing process, ensure quality, and achieve the desired results in time and on budget.

Step 4: Time to shine

EMP Brandkeepers is the partner that makes your offline communication shine. We make sure the final result also ends up in the right place. So rest assured; we take care of absolutely everything.


EMP Brandkeepers is much more than just a supplier; we see ourselves as an extension of your marketing and procurement teams. Check out some of our projects and discover how we have created unique solutions and achieved successes together with our clients! From challenging projects to beautiful collaborations. View the final results of just some of the products our team have helped to stand out in the crowd.

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