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About EMP Brandkeepers

EMP Brandkeepers, your partner in offline communication since 2009. Discover the power of tangible media with our reliable, expert approach.

When we founded our print management company EMP in 2009, we – Edwin Jonkman and Martijn de Jong – had a clear vision: to build an organisation that distinguishes itself by consistently striving for the best value for money while offering a wide range of graphic services. Our goal has always been to be a partner that actually adds value to our clients, supporting them in achieving their offline communication goals. And we did it!


We are service-minded and have a strong drive to do right by you.


Always aiming for better, in a human and personal way.


Our people are true professionals and have specialist knowledge.

Over EMP brandkeepers
Over EMP Brandkeepers

What we
believe in

In a world where digital communication dominates, everyone at EMP Brandkeepers stands behind the power of offline communication. We believe that media you can actually feel, such as print, packaging and promotional materials, leave a lasting impression and truly value to the digital experience of our time.

We are your partner in offline communication and, together with you, can build something special. At EMP Brandkeepers, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with organising and delivering offline communications. From consulting and procurement to logistics and the final product, we have the skills and expertise to make the entire process run smoothly.

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What makes us so unique?

We distinguish ourselves by actually adding value to your organisation’s printing processes. Using our Brand Portal, a digital platform specifically designed to manage your corporate identity, we make sure your brand is presented consistently and professionally. Using this tool enables us to work more efficiently and limit the chance of errors, giving you a consistently high-quality end result.

EMP Brandkeepers is much more than just a supplier; we see ourselves as an extension of your marketing and procurement teams. Like a director, we manage and oversee your offline communication. Our reliability, expertise and focus on results ensure that we know how to turn your vision into reality. We’re passionate about the power of offline communication, and together we bring your message to life and create an impact that is lasting!

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