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Working method

We make your offline marketing excel through clever sourcing and by offering tailored advice, with a single point of contact.

Striving for better together

At EMP Brandkeepers, it’s all about making your offline marketing shine! We bring creative concepts to life. Anything that can be printed – you name it – we’ll take care of it. We create an impression that resonates with your customers. Our strong view is that presenting something that is tangible sticks much better in consumers’ minds, as the physical perception is a lot greater and lasts longer than a ‘flash in the pan’ online ad. Discover below the steps we use to bring your offline communication to life.

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Step 1: Smart procurement - work smarter not harder

At EMP Brandkeepers, we handle the entire procurement process for print to bring your message to life. Through a procurement scan, we analyze your entire print volume in terms of marketing materials, Point of Sale, signing, packaging, premiums and other offline communication tools. We show what savings and process improvements are possible and then turn them into reality.

Through our international network of top suppliers, we not only guarantee the best quality, but also purchase competitively, thanks to our extensive knowledge, large purchasing volume and continuous benchmarking. We ensure that the products are delivered on time and reach your target group.

Step 2: Tailored advice - a perfect match

To establish a successful partnership, you want good, clear recommendations. With our extensive expertise in the field, we give you advice that works and support you in turning your wishes into reality. From the most creative ideas to the smallest details, you can count on us to get it done. Are you unfamiliar with the printing world? No problem, we know the industry like no other.

We also understand that, as a company, it’s sometimes quite a challenge to consistently implement the corporate identity. We have the perfect solution for that: our Brand Portal, a central hub where you can access all the branded content that is relevant to your brand.

Onze werkwijze EMP brandkeepers

Step 3: Personal coaching - EMP: your personal assistant

At EMP Brandkeepers, you have one dedicated contact – basically your ideal colleague who supports the marketing and purchasing department. We are ready to streamline the printing processes, guarantee the highest quality and achieve your targets in time and on budget.

The smart procurement strategies we employ ensure considerable cost savings and efficient processes. Moreover, our extensive experience in the printing industry makes us experts in organising the most effective offline communication. You always have a trusted point of contact in our dedicated team for guidance and support.

Step 4: Time to shine

EMP Brandkeepers is your go-to partner that makes your offline communication shine. We make sure the final result also ends up in the right place. So rest assured; we take care of absolutely everything. Are you ready to leave a lasting impression with your target audience? Discover the power of EMP Brandkeepers! Contact us today and we’d be happy to show you how we bring your offline communication to life.