Corporate Social Responsibility

At EMP, we don’t just aim for the highest quality and competitive rates, but also for a socially responsible and sustainable business operation. And we don’t simply pursue these goals internally at EMP, we also select our suppliers based on their similar social commitment.

The core values of our corporate social responsibility policy include the following pillars: fair business, environment and sustainability, and working conditions. We look forward to working together on your projects and goals. Contact us today and find out how we can help you!

Fair business

  • Maintaining integrity
  • Safeguarding confidential information and personal data
  • Complying with (inter)national laws and regulations

At EMP, we act with sincerity and respect in our interactions with our customers and our suppliers. For us, transparency is essential in every relationship we enter into. Confidential information and personal data are treated with the utmost care at our company. As an independent organisation, we do not accept gifts that go beyond the standards of the printing industry, whether they are given by our suppliers, customers or others. We consider ourselves to be a part of society and, in that capacity, proudly support a number of socially responsible causes to show our continued commitment.

Environment and sustainability

  • Careful selection of our suppliers
  • Certification of suppliers
  • Attention to energy consumption and the use of green electricity
  • Sustainable choice of materials
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

At EMP, we believe it is vital to have a printing process that is as sustainable as possible. We therefore look closely at the composition, origin and production method of the papers, inks and varnishes. In our office, we use green electricity. We apply strict criteria to the selection and monitoring of our suppliers in terms of environmental and social responsibility. We also set high standards for our carriers and logistics partners. Every year, we ask our suppliers to provide a written report on their environmental and CSR policies. We opt wherever possible for suppliers with FSC, Ecolabel and ISO certification, who are committed to reducing carbon emissions.

With regard to our own office, we apply the following policy rules: electricity based on sustainably generated electricity, gas supply based on biomass, lease cars that are preferably electric but at least hybrid, a bicycle plan for employees, investing in solar panels to generate our own green electricity in 2024 and, finally, an annual donation to a charitable institution, which this year is to cancer foundation KWF.

Working conditions

  • Investing in our employees
  • Providing a safe work environment
  • Respecting human rights

To safeguard our business operations and the development of our staff, we offer exciting training and career planning. We strive for optimal working conditions both in our company and with our suppliers, with priority for safety and respect for human rights. We expect our suppliers to comply with the set laws and regulations on personnel management and workplace safety. If a supplier acts irresponsibly in these areas, we will not hesitate to terminate the cooperation.